Why choose ALL AV?2022-04-15T17:17:55-04:00

ALL AV offers nearly 40 years of experience in providing custom solutions. Our integrators include professional designers, certified installers, and audio specialists — and we partner with only highly reputable contractors, electricians, and security companies and local AV install teams. Our collaborative team approach sets the groundwork for creating rewarding relationships with our clients and ensures creative solutions our clients can rely on.

What type of clients do you serve?2016-03-11T13:31:32-05:00

We provide services for corporate offices, luxury residential homes and retail stores.

Isn’t all AV equipment about the same?2022-04-15T17:22:00-04:00

AV equipment, as with many things, is a matter of getting what you pay for — and keeping up with technology as it improves. Some people prefer to drive a Toyota, while others enjoy a Mercedes or an exotic sports car. We craft our recommendations by getting to know our clients and providing solutions that are specific and appropriate for them — without either overselling them or providing a cheap alternative that would leave them with buyer’s remorse. We stay in tune with the latest and greatest trends in the industry and work to guide and educate.

What is home automation?2016-03-11T13:38:25-05:00

The term “home automation” encompasses a wide array of technologies that can be installed in a private home, corporate office or retail store and integrated into a single control system.

  • Lighting Control — Set the mood with automated scenes.
  • Whole House Audio — Enjoy streaming music in any room.
  • Video Distribution — Matrix switchers allow you to watch anything on any set in the home.
  • Surveillance Cameras — Feel secure when at home and monitor it remotely when away.
  • Climate Control — Wi-Fi thermostats and remote sensors help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Media Storage — A central archive of Hollywood blockbusters and home movies provides all your media at your fingertips.
  • Computer Networks — Experience reliable connectivity throughout the house and yard.
  • Blinds and Curtains — Enjoy natural light when you wake up and privacy at night.
  • Automated Projector Screens — Turn the projector on and drop the screen for movie night.
  • Pool and Spa — We make sure the temperature is just right.
  • Touch screen controls — Have total control at home or from your smartphone when away.
How much does a typical home automation or distribution system cost?2019-05-28T07:06:06-04:00

It depends. (Don’t you hate that answer?)

The truth is, system costs vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of rooms with speakers, the number of TVs, the amount of programming that is required, and how many other independent systems you wish to integrate. A basic four-zone audio-only system could be designed and installed for a few thousand dollars. A vastly larger, more elaborate system with additional rooms, video distribution, invisible speakers, outdoor AV, and integration of cameras, thermostats, lighting, pools/spas, etc., typically starts in the $50,000—$100,000 range and goes up from there. The simple formula is “size of house x amount of equipment x complexity to install.” Each system is custom crafted to the client and we never install the same system twice.

Contact us today. Our consultations are always free, and there is never any obligation.

PDF: Savant TrueControl II – Quick Start Guide2016-02-11T13:14:33-05:00

The quick start guide provides tip and tricks for using the Savant TrueControl II app.

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PDF: Savant SUR-0500 Universal Remote – Quick Start Guide2016-02-11T13:14:56-05:00

The quick start guide provides tip and tricks for using the Savant SUR-0500 Universal Remote.

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PDF: ALL AV Brochure2022-04-15T17:21:15-04:00

The ALL AV corporate capabilities brochure.

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