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Invisible Speakers

If you haven’t seen invisible speakers (which you probably haven’t since they’re invisible ... hardy-har-har), then here’s a quick primer … Invisible or “stealth” speakers are designed for aesthetically sensitive applications where you want to be able to hear sound, without the cutouts and circular grills you see with traditional ceiling speakers. Invisible speakers are [...]

Backyard Televisions

Each spring as the temperature starts to rise and the trees begin to leaf out, thoughts turn to entertaining outdoors … backyard barbecues, pool parties and fun out in the sunshine. About the same time, we start getting calls asking how fast we can get an outdoor audio system installed. And lately it hasn’t been [...]

Speakers for Guitar Lovers

You don’t have play the guitar to bring some rock-and-roll coolness into your home. Gibson has been making guitars since the early 1900s. So when the company introduced a new line of professional reference monitors with a guitar finish — well, that’s about as cool as putting peanut butter and chocolate together. The iconic archtop [...]

Touch Panels: In-Wall, On-Wall or Desktop?

One of the more popular items in the past few years has been the LaunchPort, from a company named iPort. Quite simply, the LaunchPort is an iPad charging stand consisting of a sleeve and a base. It charges the iPad via inductive charging. So as soon as the sleeve is placed on the base, charging [...]

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