One of the more popular items in the past few years has been the LaunchPort, from a company named iPort.

Quite simply, the LaunchPort is an iPad charging stand consisting of a sleeve and a base. It charges the iPad via inductive charging. So as soon as the sleeve is placed on the base, charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. Magnets are used to firmly hold the sleeve to the base.

We’ve installed dozens of these, and they work consistently well. They’re always a big hit and clients often remark, “Why haven’t I ever heard of these before?”

Which brings us to today’s topic of three different mounting options for touch panels: The In-Wall versus the On-Wall versus the Desktop (LaunchPort being featured in the last two). And for a little icing on the cake, we’ll also talk briefly about the Strut to wrap things up.

The Tried and True “In-Wall”

The standard default for mounting touch panels is a recessed flush mount within the wall. The benefit of an In-Wall is that you’ll always know where the control is and it won’t go wandering off anywhere. Security screws prevent it from being removed by anyone (teenagers usually being the culprits in those cases). The iPad is continually being charged so it’s always 100 percent ready, and this choice eliminates the risk of it being dropped and damaged. And the bezel trim plates come in a variety of colors or can be painted to match your décor precisely.

They do require some wiring and some drywall work and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Good locations to consider In-Walls are the front entryway, by the garage or mud-room door, and the kitchen.

All in all, a reliable and elegant go-to solution.

Mobility of the “On-Wall”

The On-Wall is a good option for places like a media room, home theater, game room or bar. You have the convenience of a centralized charging location so you know where the touch panel is. But you also have the flexibility of being able to take the touch panel with you and sit down.

The negative is that you have to remember to put it back on the wall to charge it. And although the sleeve does add some protection against damage, you still have to be careful not to drop, sit on, or throw it.

The Elegance of the “Desktop”

Finally, the Desktop works well in areas where proximity is a consideration and having the touch panel closer would be preferred to having it on the wall.

Desktops are great for office desks, to be able to quickly glance over at the screen or also on the bedside nightstands. Larger-size iPads are also available.

Strut It (if You Got It)

Already well-known for it’s hand-crafted luxury automobile adornments, the Strut corporation partnered with iPort in developing their own designer LaunchPort products. They’ve done an excellent job of taking the technology and really turning it into a conversation piece. Sleeves come in high-gloss carbon fiber, pewter, granite, walnut burl, and other exotic woods and metals — and the pedestal takes the form of an eye-catching sphere, available in chrome, matte black, gold or gloss white — almost as if it were a crystal ball into the soul of your home.

Contact us if you’re interested in having any of these items installed. If you’d like more background information, you can visit Strut online at, or read this article from the Telegraph News: “The world’s most advanced charger?”

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