How Big is BIG?

Imagine a 10-foot-high x 50-foot-wide curved video wall. The largest of this type on the East Coast, 48 display panels were merged into a single massive 4K video wall – the equivalent of three 220-inch screens!

Imagine what we could do for you.


New LED Video Walls from Planar

The Planar® DirectLight LED Video Wall System provides a superior visual experience, 24×7 reliability, and can be crafted in nearly any size or shape.

Incorporating design principles gained from decades of successful projects, Planar video walls are ideal for the most demanding control room and digital signage applications.

The ALL AV Inside Track

Topics and trends from the home technology industry.


Invisible Speakers

If you haven’t seen invisible speakers (which you probably haven’t since they’re invisible ... hardy-har-har), then here’s a quick primer … Invisible or “stealth” speakers [...]

Backyard Televisions

Each spring as the temperature starts to rise and the trees begin to leaf out, thoughts turn to entertaining outdoors … backyard barbecues, pool parties [...]

ALL AV Gives You Complete Control

ALL AV makes it easy to enjoy unique, custom systems that are catered to your taste. Take control of your environment!


Customize Your Lifestyle

Imagine being able to control all the audio, televisions, telephones, window shades, thermostats and cameras in your home. This is technology you can enjoy!


Communicate with Ease

Communication is king. Maximize your influence with prospective clients and provide internal training for sales teams, executives, and support staff.


Engaging Shopping Experiences

Retail digital signage and professional audio gives stores an edge over the competition by driving consistent brand image and helping to increase revenue.

The New Savant Remote

Take a look at the new Savant remote control. The color touchscreen provides easy access to all your favorite channels, and the voice command button makes it even simpler — just say “Food Network” or “Apple TV” to switch channels or services.

Individual user profiles give each family member their own unique experience. You can even capture scenes directly from the remote and sync with the Savant app. And a new hybrid WiFi/Bluetooth design extends the battery life — nearly five days between charges!

Brands You Can Rely On

With over 600 different brands of electronics, you have got to know your business. We’re experts in helping
you select the very best equipment and designing custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.