Each spring as the temperature starts to rise and the trees begin to leaf out, thoughts turn to entertaining outdoors … backyard barbecues, pool parties and fun out in the sunshine.

About the same time, we start getting calls asking how fast we can get an outdoor audio system installed. And lately it hasn’t been just audio that clients have been asking about, but requests for outdoor televisions as well.

We had to smile when we saw this from Porsche Design Studios. It’s one of the biggest televisions in the world — rising from beneath the ground and expanding to a 201-inch screen in a remarkable 40 seconds. And at $655,000, one of the biggest price tags to boot. So maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly grand to look at.

Though it sets a high bar as a standard, there are certainly other options that are impressive in their own right — and at a fraction of the cost.

Stealth Acoustics manufactures specialty products like invisible speakers, art-wrapped wall speakers, motorized TV art frames, and other inventive AV gear. The big guy on the block is the Stealth Patio Theater — a completely self-contained large-scale outdoor theater entertainment system.

The system is weatherproof and specifically designed for outdoor use, reliably reproducing vibrant images even in broad daylight. The high-resolution LED screen quickly and quietly rises from or retracts into the enclosure and can be installed either above ground or in a specialized subterranean vault. It is available in three sizes: 103-inch, 130-inch or 155-inch and with either 2.1 or 5.1 sound configurations. No wonder it was named winner of the “2015 Best of Show Award” at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) show.

More traditional displays are also available from a variety of vendors, including Peerless AV, SunBrite, and SkyVue, to name a few.

Outdoor television sets are designed to provide a bright, crisp image even in direct daylight. They are fully rated and certified to protect against weather, water, dust and salt — while still providing thermal management to keep warm in extreme cold and properly cooled in the heat.

Contact us for more information about outdoor entertainment systems, or browse the manufacturer websites below:

C’seed: cseed.tv
Stealth Patio Theater: StealthAcoustics.com/stealth-patio-theater/
SunBrite: SunBriteTv.com
SkyVue: SkyVue.com

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