Imagine being able to control the audio, televisions, telephones, window shades, thermostats and cameras in your home — all on an easy-to-use and intuitive Apple iPad® touchscreen. This is technology you can enjoy!

From the latest in movies and television shows to big sporting events or kids’ video games — a luxurious home theater or media room can be the center gathering place in the home. Choosing the right equipment is just the first step in setting up a room the whole family will love.

We’ve mastered the art and science of audio and video technologies. Let us design a state-of-the-art home fully customized to your living style.

Savant is a premium automation system that allows you
to control your home or office. ALL AV is a licensed,
trained and authorized Savant Pro custom integrator.

Vanishing TV Mirrors

If you’ve ever had a spot in your home where you want a TV, but don’t want it to stand out, then look no further. Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are surprisingly magical. They’re most popular in bathrooms to have access to the latest news while getting ready in the morning. When off, the television vanishes without a trace.

Custom solutions are available in nearly any size or shape to match your decor precisely.


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