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Breathe New Life into Your Old System

A number of recent clients have hired us to help them with what we refer to as “Retro Jobs.” A restoration job is typically a system that was built 10 or more years ago and [...]

Invisible Speakers

If you haven’t seen invisible speakers (which you probably haven’t since they’re invisible ... hardy-har-har), then here’s a quick primer … Invisible or “stealth” speakers are designed for aesthetically sensitive applications where you want to [...]

Backyard Televisions

Each spring as the temperature starts to rise and the trees begin to leaf out, thoughts turn to entertaining outdoors … backyard barbecues, pool parties and fun out in the sunshine. About the same time, [...]

Speakers for Guitar Lovers

You don’t have play the guitar to bring some rock-and-roll coolness into your home. Gibson has been making guitars since the early 1900s. So when the company introduced a new line of professional reference monitors [...]